Monday, September 11, 2006

Pra Wedding Gallery

Hi All,

These are my photos gallery for pra wedding (fyi, it's not my pre wedding, it's somebody's pre weding, i took theirs pre wedding photos because it's my side job as a photographer, hehehe Do you need a photographer? you can call me, hehehehe). May i ask your opinion, whic one do you like? hehehehehehe thank you...
Snow Fall Pra Wedding

without snow fall effect

With IR Filter

So, which one do you like? hehehehe....

Monday, September 04, 2006

3rd, 4th and the last day Day in Bali

Now i'm gonna tell u bout my 3rd day
Btw, nothing special about my 3rd day in Bali. I was going around and around near Kuta Beach. In the morning i went to Kuta beach, and just saw people surfing and sun bathing. After lunch at Kuta square, i went to mall, discovery mall to buy a novell. At night, i met my college friend, Desy and her sister, and she said that she'll accompany me the next day.

4th Day
Early in the morning, we went to our first destination, Tampak Siring palace, it's a president palace. Unfortunately, i couldn't enter the palace. the guard stopped me at the gateway and told me that the palace is close. it's ok, even i was dissappointed at that time. But nevermind, there's still lot of place to go. From Tampak Siring, we went to Kintamani,. It's famoused because of there are mount and the lake. it's mount batur and lake batur. Again, i was dissapointed because it was rain, and i cann't take a good picture with cloudy condition. But i still can take one or two picture there. from there, i went to Tanah Lot to watch sunset. once Again, i thought that that day wasn't my day, because it still rainy when i get there. poor norman, you can't see the sunset at tanah Lot, hiks.... from tanah Lot, i stopped by at Dessy's restaurant (Dessy has a padang Restaurant in Bali), and had some dinner there (it's free!! thank you dessy,!hehehehe). After that, i went back to my hotel and got some rest. What a *&#$*#&*#$*!#* day!!!!

5th day
After having breakfast at dessy's house (her family invited me to have some breakfast at theirs), we go to Bali Botanical Garden. Like the day before, it still cloudy (even sometimes the rain was puuring down). It's very cold at Bali Botanical Garden (BBG). The view is beautiful even it's cloudy.

from BBG, we went to Beratan Lake at Bedugul. it's not far from BBG, it only took 15 minutes by car. again, even the day was cloudy, i still can see the beauty of Beratan Lake with its temple. I forgot the name of the temple. Here the picture from Beratan Lake :

actually, there are more pictures that i took in this place. If you want to take a look for another picture, just go to my profile, hehehe
We're here until 15.00 PM. and after that we went back to Kuta for dinner at dessy's restaurant (once again, thank u dessy, hehehe). That's all for my last day in Bali, becoz the next day, i'll continue my trip to Lombok. Maybe i'll write all my journey in Lombok if i have much time :)

My Journey at Bali

Hi All,

this is my first posting in my blog (also my first blog) and i 'll write all postings in english, becoz not all my friend from indonesia, some of them is from outside of indonesia and also to practise my skill of writing in english (so pliz correct me if there're some mistakes, hehehehe) (maybe someday i'll make in indonesian version :p)
Now, i want to tell bout my journey in Bali & lombok(May, 19-29th 2006)
I was arrived at Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali around 9.00 PM. At that time, i was very confused becoz i don't know where to go, where to stay and i was alone!!! at last, i found a hotel, very cheap hotel, and it's about 5 minutes by walk from kuta beach, very very close to the beach. After put all my stuff at hotel, i searched for some food, and i found KFC (the safest restaurant for moslems in Bali, hehehe) at Kuta Square. After had dinner, i went back to my hotel and get some rest. Before that, i made a deal with hotel staff for rent a car and guide me to tourist destinations in Bali

2nd Day
I woke up early in the morning becoz i had to go waith my travel agent at 8.30 AM. Ahter having breakfast, i started my journey in Bali. First destination is Sanur. Sanur is famous becoz of the sunrise. By the time i got there, there's no sunrise, but the view is still beautiful. Here is the picture i took in Sanur beach.

After Sanur, next destination is Tanjung Benoa. This beach is famous beacoz of its water sport, like parasailing. Here's the picture in Tanjung Benoa

I wasn't try any water sport, i just taking picture at Benoa Cape. After having some time at Benoa Cape, i went to Nusa Dua beach. The beach is the most beautiful beach that i've ever seen in life. The view is very beautiful and it has so many temple. here is the picture at sanur beach :

and it is the picture of a temple. I took it by using Infra Red Filter on my camera lens :

Next destination is Uluwatu Temple. The temple is stayed by hundreds of monkeys. The monkeys is very wild. I was warned before enter the temple not to wear glasses, or hat. for ladies, becareful with your ear rings, because the monkey will take it off from you. Here's the picture at uluwatu :

do you wanna see the monkeys? sorry i forgot to take the picture of the monkeys, hehehe From uluwatu, i went to Garuda Wisnu Kencana, this is the monument of Hindu's God. The monument is very big, i don't know exactly the size, but it's really huge. they carved one big hill into one statue, the composition of the rock in the hill is lime stone. There are two big monument, the first is Garuda Monument, and the second is Wisnu Monument.

The Last destination is Jimbaran. we can see sunset while having dinner at the beach. but dinner is here is very expensive. I just ordered 1 kilo shrimp for 2 people, and 2 cups of drink, it cost US$ 20. it's expensive i guess for indonesian standard, hehehehehe

That all for my second day in Bali. uuugh, i was very very tired. Form Jimbaran, i went back to my hotel, and get some rest, prepare for next journey at the next day. Ok guys, that's all for now, i'll continue it some day,hehehe... Btw, if you want to see my another picture, you can see it at, hehehe don't forget to give some comments, hehehe (but you have to register first)